Good governance webinars for IOC-recognised sports organisations to get underway


Representatives from more than 30 sports organisations recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are in the starting blocks to participate in a series of good governance webinars organised by the IOC, one of the IPACS founding partners. The focus will be on how to move from theory to action and support organisations in implementing the recently updated Basic Universal Principles of Good Governance within the Olympic Movement (BUPGG), as well as the IPACS good governance benchmark.

The first webinar will be organised on 20 March and discuss the topics of transparency, checks and balances, and control mechanisms. The subsequent webinars, scheduled for June, September and December, will address integrity, democracy, and development and solidarity – following the thematic streams of the IPACS good governance benchmark.

This webinar series has been designed specifically for IOC-recognised sports organisations, with the aim of reaching solid levels of good governance in sports organisations. The themed sessions will also allow participants to exchange good practices, share their common challenges, learn from practical examples developed by IPACS, and benefit from the support provided by the IOC Ethics and Compliance team.

As part of the implementation of Recommendation 14 of Olympic Agenda 2020+5, in September 2022 the IOC Executive Board approved the updated version of the BUPGG. These principles are an implementing provision of the IOC Code of Ethics.