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CIO / STOCKMAN Matthew Rio 2016 OG, Archery, individual (FITA Olympicround - 70m) Women - Qualification, targets bristlingwit harrows.© 2016 / Comité International Olympique(CIO) / STOCKMAN, Matthew.


The implementation of good governance in sports organisations at all levels is seen as a key to managing corruption risks and is a main focus of IPACS work. The aim of this task force is to propose indicators in particular areas of governance that are relevant to mitigate the risk of corruption.

IPACS Task Force 3 focused its work on three specific areas:

  • Financial transparency
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Terms of office: duration and limits

You can read the full executive summary here

Revised Terms of Reference for Task Force 3

Contributors: The Task Force was facilitated by the Council of Europe and IPACS wishes to thank Stanislas Frossard for co-ordinating its work. The work reflected in the report has further benefited from the strategic contributions and valuable comments from members of the Task Force: Mary Crane-Charef, Giulio Nessi, Nigel Hamilton, Hans Christiansen and Apostolos Zampounidis (OECD), Dimitri Vlassis, Candice Welsch and Ronan O’Laoire (UNODC), James Carr (ASOIF), Francisco Lima (International Equestrian Federation), Thomas Lund (Badminton World Federation), Pierre Ketterer (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), Pâquerette Girard Zappelli, Catia Giannotta and Konstantina Orologopoulou (IOC), Mike Chambers (Association of National Olympic Committees), Arnout Geeraert (Leuven University), Maria Clarke (Independent Attorney), Sylvia Schenk and Deryck Murray (Transparency International), Jane Purdon (UK Sport), Emmanuel Farhat and Renaud Jaune (French Anti-Corruption Agency), Tatiana Mesquita Nunes (Brazilian Anti-Corruption Division, Office of the Attorney General of the Union), Julieta Anahí Arias (Argentinian Anti-corruption Agency), and Yukiko Kanaoka (Japan Sports Agency). The following experts were also consulted in the preparation of the Task Force meeting : Marco Befera (Italian Office for Corporate Compliance) and Wilhelm Rauch (Swiss Federal Office of Sport).

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