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Advantages and benefits of IPACS to governments

  • As corruption often takes place cross-border, IPACS provides a unique and open platform for governments that share a common goal of preventing corruption and promoting a culture of good governance - and trust - in international sport.
  • IPACS is a partnership - it uniquely convenes governments, sports organisations and intergovernmental organisations where challenges and approaches to anti-corruption can be shared on an equal basis.
  • IPACS develops practical and commonly applicable tools and guidance which help to prevent or reduce the risk of corruption in sport, as well as providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and examples of best practice across all stakeholders.


  • As governments are often the biggest investors in national sport, IPACS seeks to provide methodologies to protect public investment when for instance bidding for and procuring major events. It also offers governments mitigation and best practice suggestions to reduce the risk of corruption and provide a level of assurance once a major event has been secured. Other areas that IPACS is currently engaged in include creating a common benchmark for good governance to be used at international and national levels, and promoting collaboration between international sports organisations and law enforcement agencies.
  • With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, new risks may have emerged for sport in relation to corruption. IPACS is a forum which can be flexible and reactive to new and emerging risks that impact sport, governments and public authorities.
  • Whilst governments respect the autonomy of sport, they have a role to play in helping to protect funding, athletes, fans and participants from risks of corruption, and creating an environment where sport is fair, clean and safe.
  • With Task Force 4 looking at mechanisms to enhance cooperation between law enforcement, criminal justice authorities and sport organisations, this provides an additional opportunity for governments to work across sectors to address these threats at a national, continental and international level.

Involvement of governments - what is required

  • IPACS expects members to play an active role in shaping the agendas for the annual IPACS Steering Committee meeting and the work of the four existing task forces:
    • Task Force 1: reducing the risk of corruption in procurement relating to sporting events and infrastructure;
    • Task Force 2: ensuring integrity in the selection of major sporting events;
    • Task Force 3: optimising the processes of compliance with good governance principles to mitigate the risk of corruption; and
    • Task Force 4: enhancing effective cooperation between law enforcement, criminal justice authorities and sports organisations.

Contact - please go to for further information and to see the list of current members, or contact

Useful IPACS sources for governments

  • Guidelines on the procurement of major sports events infrastructure and services - Download
  • Stocktaking report on international anti-bribery standards - Download
Frequently Asked Questions


“The partnership with IPACS helps us to effectively coordinate the Australian response on behalf of government and sports to address existing and emerging integrity issues in sport, in particular the risks related to corruption. IPACS partners provide global experience that Australia can use to ensure we are always improving the integrity environment.”


“With IPACS, the table is shared between governments, international sports associations and international organizations, providing the perfect environment to discuss effective solutions to the fight against corruption. Our involvement on the task force 3 on good governance aims to help the construction of useful tools bearing in mind the reality of sports movement and the needs for the sustained improvement of sport’s integrity.”


“By facilitating cooperation between diverse partners from across the world, IPACS offers a unique forum to discuss issues of common interest. It enables key stakeholders to exchange information, share best practices and join efforts to promote integrity in sport.”

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