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The International Partnership against Corruption in Sport (IPACS) is a multi-stakeholder initiative bringing together sports organisations, governments and intergovernmental organisations to combine efforts for the fight against corruption in sport. This unique partnership provides a platform for dialogue with the aim to propose pragmatic solutions to the issue, while harnessing the expertise and experience of all actors.

Founding partners

The IPACS Co-founding partners have been acting together as a core group co-ordinating the preparation and follow up of the various working meetings since the partnership’s establishment in 2017.


Intergovernmental Organisations

The intergovernmental organisations with expertise in the fight against corruption have the mission to facilitate the cooperation between sports organisations and governments, and offer their unique knowledge and expertise regarding the effective ways to combat corruption in sport.


Currently active Governments

IPACS provides a unique and open platform for governments that share a common goal of preventing corruption and promoting a culture of good governance - and trust - in international sport.


Sport Organisations

IPACS creates a link between the sports organisations of the Olympic Movement and governments in order to encourage dialogue between those two stakeholders on effective ways to mitigate the corruption risks in sport.


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