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CIO / MARTIN Greg 131st IOC Session, Lima, 2017 - Thomas BACH,IOC President announces Paris, host city of the2024 Olympic Summer Games and Los Angeles,host city of the 2028 Olympic Summer Games. Onthe left, Anne HIDALGO and on the right, EricGARCETTI, both are Mayors of their respectivecities.© 2017 / Comité International Olympique(CIO) / MARTIN, Greg.


With a view to ensuring integrity in the selection of Major Sporting Events (MSEs), with an initial focus on managing conflict of interest, the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sports (IPACS) created a dedicated task force with the objective of building on existing standards and expertise to encourage the implementation of conflict of interest mechanisms and facilitating a common understanding amongst sport organisers, governments, and international organisations alike on what the risks are and how to manage them. The first report of Task Force 2 considers conflicts of interest which may arise in International Sport Organisations (ISOs) when a vote takes place to award the hosting rights for an MSE, and proposes appropriate measures to manage them based on international standards and good practices.

Task Force 2 report – December 2018

You can read the full executive summary here – January 2019 

Good practice examples for managing conflicts of interest in sport organisations – October 2020

Good practice examples for managing conflicts of interest in sport organisations – September 2022

IPACS Toolkit for Reallocation of Sport events (Deliverable 1) - October 2021

Mitigating risks in Candidature process of Major Sport Events (Draft) – September 2022


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